Rhodesian African Rifles

The Rhodesian African Rifles Regiment was the oldest regular army unit in the Security Forces of Rhodesia. From the outbreak of the Rhodesian War, post UDI in 1965, the unit was engaged in operations along with its cousin, the Rhodesian Light Infantry, in fighting the African Nationalist insurgency. Learning the many new lessons of counter insurgency operations the unit was tasked primarily with internal Fireforce operation from 1974 onwards. They engaged in many actions and were expanded to three battalions by the end of the war in Dec, 1979.

The story of the of RAR is a fascinating one and these new figures by Eureka Miniatures really capture the spirit of these fine fighting soldiers very well.

An excellent history of the RAR and indeed the Bush War is here.

For a full treatment you cannot go past Andre Binda’s wonderful regimental history ‘Masodja‘ that is jam packed full of superb scenario ideas and great details on the bush war. The digital version is very good value.

Another site worth checking out is Rhodesian Wargames. John is an ex member of the RAR and has lots of interesting info and knowledge on the unit…top stuff,..thanks John!

As an aside, these troops are very versatile in your games as they can double up easily as Police Support Unit (PSU) troops and Police Anti Terrorist Unit (PATU) forces as well – both iconic units of the Bush War. At a pinch they can also step in for Protective Services Intaf troops, circa 1979, and even as Portuguese Flechas against FRELIMO forces…altogether a very handy force to have in your arsenal!

We tip our hat to those fine fighting men of the Rhodesian African Rifles….

Here they are…..


The buildings are all Hovels except the circular Krall style building which are from Acheson Creations.

All figures are from Eureka Miniatures except the prisoners, which are from The Assault Group.

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