Rifles & Spears – playsheet



There have been a number of tweaks since the first play sheet for the game was uploaded. The current play sheet is more comprehensive and essentially captures many/most elements of the game play that can be used with the current Muskets & Tomahawks rules.

Therefore, here is an updated current play sheet. Any other changes I shall make will be specific to this post and put in the comments section so check those to see that you have the current version.


Happy Wanderer



Rifles & Spears play sheet


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.26.21 pm.png

5 thoughts on “Rifles & Spears – playsheet

  1. This is fantastic!! Any idea where I can find a copy of the Rifles & Spears rules and army lists?



  2. Hi there,

    R&S is not available commercially or otherwise unfortunately…the new more wide ranging period wise version of Musket and Tomahawks I should work and I suspect will be a supplement to M&T v2.

    That said, I will take a look and see if a version 2 playsheet can be retrofitted for the M&T.v2 which would be a good interim step until Studio Tomahawk release their official colonial supplement for the rule edition.

    Thanks for your interest.



    • thank you for the quick response! we have both rule sets and have decided to stick with version 1. that plus your reference sheet gets us almost all the way there. all we need is some army lists… on of 5he guys wants to try colonials vs zulu.


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