Australian Frontier War – Gum Trees & Wattle Trees






The humble and ever present Eucalyptus tree in Australia, colloquially known as the Gum Tree for the gum (sap) that exudes from it when the bark is broken. This is a type of ‘bush glue’ and was used by aboriginals and settlers for similar applications that we use glue today. In their case, weapons, implements, etc.

These are distinctly Australian and really set the scene for some ‘bush encounters’. Interestingly, with settlement in South Africa in the Cape the similarity between the climates resulted in some Australian plants being ‘exported’ to Africa. The Australian gum tree is one such plant….so use them at a pinch for Africa too!

The trees themselves grow rather high and I took a pic of some below but a few minutes walk from my place and you can see they have a very distinctive look.


Where to get them?

I found an Australian chap who makes rather nice and affordable gumtrees. You can see his products on ebay – all very nice indeed. I may grab a few more!

They are made from a wire frame and covered in some sort of modelling polymer. The final product comes painted and ready to base on delivery. They also come in 4-5 various sizes costing between $7.50 AUS to $12.0 AUS.

They have a nice ‘full’ coverage and are excellent value with real table presence – highly recommended!

Here are a few more snaps.





There is another ebay store that makes smaller trees and you get slightly more bang for your buck. They will flesh out the terrain with smaller gumtrees and some some distinctive wattle trees. These to are excellent value and combined with the above trees provide for a unique aussie look. These can off course be used for other continents, most notably Africa… are good value for the intrepid colonial gamer.

“Australian Gums”
“Australian Golden Wattle”
A peaceful early morning scene…a perfect time for a dawn attack…

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