Masai huts



I got these Masai dwellings for the elMoran to have a rest in after a hard day on the savannah…


They’re from Monolith Design’s Darkest Africa range. Excellent service getting these together and they do lots of tricky bits for the Darkest Africa gamer – certainly a range you want to get kit from. The style the huts are made to represent are like the pic below…quite basic. There are a number of variations of Masai hut and a solid google search will show you all you need to know.



In comparison, the buildings aren’t as detailed as Grand Manner who also do them but they are half the cost and more varied in the range that is available. I may add one or two Grand Manner dwellings at some point.


As an aside this pic shows the typical boma that would surround the huts which can be made from horse hair quite nicely. Very simple to keep the lions at bay and other intruders… the Grand Manner style buildings portray these types a bit better.


Masai boma. Note the different style of hut. These dwellings seem more permanent instead of the ones depicted by the Monolith Design huts. 


The models – They come in a basic grey which was perfect for the Masai as their huts, made from cow dung (…charming!), dry to a grey-greenish hue and thus the moulded material formed the base coat and they only needed a dry brush highlight to finish. The whole lot was done in half an hour or so. Excellent service, well priced and recommended.



This is how they come. The mould material takes paint very well…start drybrushing!





Finished product…dead easy to do!





Some pesky German Marines up to no good move through the village

2 thoughts on “Masai huts

  1. They are very nice – went to the website and they are cheap as well. Your Masai collection is coming along very nicely. I think I will be getting some of the more generic African huts.


  2. I got a few of those as well. When I get them painted I’ll pop up a pic – mental note made. ūüėČ


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